I was approached by Eldon McBride to create the branding for his new choir "Frontline Voices". The inspiration for the name was a scriptures that speak about the music going out ahead of the army — the idea being that as musicians they are ambassadors of the faith. They are not affiliated with any particular church group but aim to spread the gospel through their choral concerts. 

With that in mind I drew out some concepts and ultimately landed on this logo with a lot of forward momentum and strength with this uppercase italic font and the symbolism of the light and the banner in the background as they are biblical ideas that evoke the same sentiment as the concept behind the name. 

Below you can see the final style sheet and the conceptual Development for the logo. 

I have also posted some screen captures of the Frontline Voices website because they had purchased a website through SquareSpace and found it difficult to work with so I taught myself how to use the web development platform and styled the website to meet their needs and now add posts and maintain the site as needed.
Style sheet for final Frontline Voices logo
Screen Capture of the home page of frontlinevoices.com
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