The Future is Electric Logo Design
Michael Barnard approached me as he was developing his new technology business to help with his social media graphics. After speaking with him we discovered that he was in need of a Logo image that he could use across web and print projects. 

Above is the Final Logo design. The business is "The Future is Electric" and they are focused on the future of sustainable technology. Below are the proofs that were sent during the conceptual development stage, where you can see how I start with drawings to establish the direction and then move on to simple digital concepts and then refine the idea until the client is happy. 

Here I was exploring how to incorporate elements that would make you think about electricity and we ultimately landed on the idea of a simplified battery with the positive and negative  symbols worked into the initials. Michael liked the idea of having the icon be graphical so that the initials would pop when people spot them, but would not be the point. 
This is the Business Card I developed. It printed on 16pt paper with a matte buttery coating, with the bold graphic colours and the die-cut corners the end result was a stunning card that Michael could be excited to hand out. 
The Future is Electric Business Card Design
This is the Style Sheet that I created for the web developer. It is a simple one page PDF that has an example of the elements together on the left and the preferred colours and fonts on the right.  
Style Guide for Web Developer
Here are screen captures of the logo and banner graphic on the TFIE website and social media platforms. The Banner image was created using a stock image and photoshop. We went with this image not only because it is an electric train but because it communicates moment adding to the theme of moving towards a positive future. 

I encourage you to take a look at his website if you are interested in his business
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